Discover the Nature of Healing


The Nature of Healing
The Nature of Healing

The “Nature of Healing” Video Self-Hypnosis video of natural images combined with suggestions for relaxation. This video clip is the introduction to and alternative health video for enhancing your immune system.

This video guides you from the demanding outer world to a place where you can engage your inner healing power. Beautiful images of a gently flowing stream wash away stress and open you to healing on physical and emotional levels. You will find yourself journeying down through level after level of inner power to the essence of your ability to make yourself whole again. Then you are guided through the five colors of Chinese medicine to complete a full healing cycle. Like others who have used this video, you will be amazed at the profound experiences you will have.

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Self-Hypnosis for Cancer Patients

Self-Hypnosis with Dynamic Images for Cancer Patients
Self-Hypnosis with Dynamic Images for Cancer Patients

Self-hypnosis is a valuable tool for cancer patients that helps them take charge of the disease and makes the transition from being a victim to becoming a victor.

Self-hypnosis also helps in—

    Symptom control
    Reducing side effects of therapy
    Mobilizing the immune system
    Strengthening positive emotions
    Enhancing the effectiveness of therapy

The results of self-hypnosis can be improved and deepened by using a combination of dynamic imagery and direct suggestions.  Dynamic imagery works by having you imagine a transformation in an image that is a symbol of the change you want to make in your life.
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Learning Self-Hypnosis
The Feeling of Healing
Applied Healing

The Four Steps in Self-Hypnosis
There are four stages to a self-hypnosis session using dynamic imagery:

1. The induction phase in which you relax and turn your attention inward while lowering awareness of what is going on around you.
2.    The use of dynamic imagery.  A dynamic image is a picture or situation that goes through a change.  For example, speeding up the healing of a cut by imagining that there are tiny rubber bands pulling the edges of the cut skin together.
3.    Suggestions.  For instance, in working with a cut, you might say to yourself, “Any discomfort that I feel is calling healing white blood cells to the cut.”  Or, “That stinging I feel is healing power.” Another suggestion could be, “The white blood cells do their work quickly and easily.”
4.    Exiting self-hypnosis.  This can be done by counting from five to one and opening your eyes or by just taking a deep breath and reorienting to the room.

Relax Deeply and Heal
Relax Deeply and Heal

Facts about Self-Hypnosis

Nearly everyone I talk to has heard stories about how hypnosis and self-hypnosis have really helped some people and how it has failed to make a difference for others. People want to know:
Can I go into self-hypnosis?

The amazing thing about self-hypnosis is that we do it all the time. Hypnosis and self-hypnosis are really just focused attention. Whenever you are concentrating on a task such as watching a TV show, reading a book or communicating on the Internet, you are focusing your attention and entering a light hypnotic state that increases the power of your mind. Self-hypnosis channels this power and concentrates it on changing the old programs that produce self-defeating behavior.

Am I going to be controlled?

This is both the hope and the fear of people who are interested in hypnosis but have never experienced it. People secretly want to be controlled and forced to change while at the same time they are afraid of what might happen if they really change. One big advantage of self-hypnosis and the use of self-hypnosis CDs is that you know you are fully in control. Any time you want to, you can stop and turn off the CD.

There are no hidden or subliminal suggestions on these CDs. What you hear is what you get. Research shows that subliminal suggestions have very little real value. By relaxing and letting positive images and suggestions flow into your unconscious mind, you begin the process of transformation. You really are in the driver’s seat.

woman relaxing on grassWhat does self-hypnosis feel like?

Usually during a self-hypnosis session you will feel comfortable and relaxed. Sometimes you will enter a deeper state and experience a comfortable drifty feeling somewhat like daydreaming. Some people report that at times they felt like “my mind just went somewhere else for a while.” This is the experience of deep relaxation and letting the unconscious mind take charge. It is a special time during which your unconscious mind is reorganizing its understandings and developing new abilities. This may last for a few minutes or for just a second or two.

The depth of self-hypnosis doesn’t matter when it comes to therapeutic results. A light relaxed state is as effective as a deeper state. What makes a difference is the extent to which you are open to new understandings and abilities. When you just relax and let it happen, you have the most wonderful results.

Thank You for reading, sending you Hugs, Hope and Prayers on your Healing Journey,
Dr. Lee Overholser, Ph. D


Soul Travel

Soul Travel

Soul Travel

The soul travel recordings are special self-hypnosis sessions that guide you through out of body experiences. When you are in the out of body state you see yourself and the world around you from a completely different, powerful point of view.

Each session begins with a unique and different technique for freeing you from the constraints of your body and your usual way of looking at things. You are guided to magical places where you can have amazing experiences and get answers to questions that are of profound importance in your life.

 What is Spiritual Hypnosis?soul travel example2

Self-hypnosis and hypnosis put you in touch with your deeper self. It does that by turning off your prefrontal cortex. That’s the part of your brain that nags you and keeps you looking at the world in just one way. We need the guidance of that part of the brain, but it keeps us from seeing things differently. When we are stuck and need a new approach to old problems, the prefrontal cortex needs to take a vacation for a while. Then you can tap into your deeper, universal self.

There are many reasons to connect to your deeper self.  People find that it decreases stress, gives them clarity of their life’s purpose, guides them in everyday life, increases the body’s resistance to disease, can help in their fight with disease and can help them achieve dreamed of goals in wealth, health and love.  With techniques such as meditation you are on your own. Spiritual hypnosis gives you a guided experience to the deeper self. It’s like having a coach with you to help you along the way.

What is an Out of Body Experience?AddToCart

Many people think that an out of body experience is something that is rare and extremely difficult to do. Actually there are many different kinds and levels of being out of body and you probably have already experienced it at one time or another. For instance, if you’ve ever had a dream that involved flying, that was an out of body experience.

In hypnosis and self-hypnosis sessions people often report that they had moments where, “It seemed like I was somewhere else and wasn’t aware of the room or where I was.” This too is an out of body experience. What matters isn’t that you go through something incredibly strange, but that you are able to see and feel the world in a new and different way.the lady

What is Soul Travel?

The out of body experience is also called astral travel or travel on the astral plane. These phrases capture the sense that an out of body experience feels different from ordinary life. You may be moving through your ordinary world, but it feels and looks very different. You may see lines of energy emanating from people or objects. You can feel the energetic field around people and places.

You may also find yourself traveling to distant places. There are documented instances where hypnotic subjects have traveled to distant city and accurately reported events happening while they were there. You may also find yourself in dreamlike places that are not of this earth. That’s why I like to use the term soul travel for guided hypnosis and self-hypnosis. It captures the way in which you are going to a spiritual place to gain deeper understanding and knowledge about life and human existence.

The Power of a New Point of View

That’s what makes these sessions so powerful. They are not focused on just getting you out of your body. They are aimed at guiding you to powerful experiences that can change your life and give you a deeper understanding of how it all fits together. Basically this is an opportunity to step outside yourself so that when you return to your everyday life you have a new grasp of where you are in life, where you are going and how to get there.

Some who use these MP3s have an immediate experience of the power of out of body experiences. Others feel like they only got relaxed and drifted a bit. But then a few days or a couple of weeks later they find that they handle problems differently. They really can see more clearly and easily avoid what were previously insurmountable obstacles. Soul Travel series are written and voiced by Dr. Lee Overholser, Ph.D., is a hypnotherapist, author and teacher of hypnosis. The music is by Adam King creator of the Tessera Method.

What you get:

soul travel training picTraining in Soul Travel

In this initial session you learn how to remove your awareness from your physical body. We are usually bound by the constraints of the physical body and the culture that we grew up in. By becoming aware of your energetic body you’re taking the first step in a different kind of awareness. Then you begin with small movements of your energetic body, culminating in learning how to move out of the physical body and begin exploring the world around you in this new way. This is a good session to repeat several times so you can strengthen your ability to enter and navigate this wondrous new world.

travelling bubble jpgTraveling Bubble

This is a practice session in Soul Travel where you learn to move out of your body and into the astral plane. In it you specifically practice new kinds of communication. The ordinary, conscious mind defines what we can see, hear and communicate within tightly constrained boundaries about what is possible. In this session you begin to explore other kinds of communication through feelings, images and colors. Questions can have more than just one kind of answer. A series of feelings and images can give you a deeper understanding than just a jumble of words. This is an opportunity to take a ride in a giant bubble to an amazing place where communication goes beyond the usual limitations.

thetempleoftimeThe Temple of Time

This session takes you out of your body to float above the world and travel to the Temple of Time. Once in the temple you gaze into the Pool of Time where you have visions of the past, the present and the future. These visions give you more than pictures of events. In the temple past, present and future are linked by the meaning they have in your life. We travel through an ocean of time and in the temple you see and feel how everything is linked on a deeper level.

journeytopowerjpgJourney to Power

This amazing session takes you to a magical place where spirit dancers are engaged in a dance of power. You travel out to the desert where ancient spirits draw power from the fire they are dancing around. When you take part in the dance, you are filled with the power that is flowing through them. Like the brilliant fire that shines but does not burn, this power fills you with energy and confidence but is very peaceful. When you return, you bring that amazing, peaceful power with you. Then in your own life you can discover how power can quietly transform all that you do. True power can transform even the smallest interaction in a quiet and rewarding way.

These Soul Travel sessions can make a tremendous difference in your life. All you have to do is listen to them and discover a new you.  Buy Now:




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Dr. Lee Overholser, Ph.D.

Dr Lee Overholser, Ph.D.


Dr. Lee Overholser has worked as a hypnotherapist and teacher of hypnosis for over 25 years. Currently he is in private practice in the San Diego area and teaches at the International School of Professional Bodywork in San Diego.

Lee has been a massage therapist for 30 years and has taught massage therapy at Mueller College. He has combined his expertise in hypnosis and massage to create HypnoMassage and has produced three courses that meet the requirements of the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

He has written many books on the subjects of health and hypnosis, including:

HypnoMassage: Guide Your Clients to Lasting Physical, Mental and Emotional Change. Hypno-Tapes Publishing. (2000)

Alternatives in Cancer Therapy. Ross Pelton and Lee Overholser, Simon and Schuster. (1994)

Signs of Health. Lee Overholser and Ramona Moody-French. Empire Press. (1990)

Ericksonian Hypnosis: A Handbook of Clinical Practice. Lee Overholser, Irvington. (1985)

Dr. Overholser earned his Doctorate at the University of Michigan in 1971 in linguistics and literature. He went on to complete a masters in counseling psychology at International College in San Diego in 1981. He specialized in hypnosis and studied with Milton Erickson, MD, the famous psychiatrist and hypnotherapist, later writing a book on Dr. Erickson’s hypnotic techniques. He has twice been a presenter at the San Diego Conference on Hypnotic and Strategic Interventions sponsored by the Milton H. Erickson Institute of San Diego.

Lee is a Certified Hypnotherapist with the International Hypnosis Association (IHA). He has given presentations at the annual national convention of ACHE on Hypnosis for Cancer Patients and Sports Hypnosis. At this year’s convention he will speak about Scientific Breakthroughs in Hypnosis.

For five years Dr. Overholser taught a popular self-hypnosis class to cancer patients at the Wellness Community. For this work he received the Health Hero award from the Combined Health Agencies of San Diego County.

If you have any questions that you would like me to answer, please feel free to e-mail me.

Lee Overholser, PhD, is not a California licensed health care provider. Hypnotherapy is a self-regulated profession and does not qualify for State licensing. Hypnosis services are non-diagnostic and are complementary to the healing arts services that are licensed by the state. The primary purpose of licensing laws for legally defined Healing Arts and Mental Health professionals is to protect public health and safety. The California State Legislature has determined that state licensing may not be conferred upon an occupational group for purposes of status or prestige. Accordingly, hypnotherapists are not issued licenses by any State Governmental Agency to engage in their professional services.

Thank you and I look forward to helping you,

Dr. Lee Overholser, PhD


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Hypnosis Power

Self-hypnosis is a very powerful way of making changes in your life on a deep level. The first step is deciding what changes you want to make. It’s best to choose one change per session. Trying to change several things at once leads to confusion in the self-hypnotic state and keeps you from making a real transformation.

When using self-hypnosis it is a good idea to write down the change you want to make. Then think of an image or change in feeling that goes with your chosen change. I call this a Dynamic Image because you will see it change. For example, if you have an injury you want to heal faster, say a broken arm bone, you can write down, “I want my arm to heal faster.” Then the image could be seeing the two sides of the break knitting together and feeling the bone healing and getting stronger. The Dynamic Image involves a before and after picture and feeling. The image goes through a change.

Before beginning your session of self-hypnosis, you want to be in a setting where you feel comfortable and will be free from interruptions. A session typically takes from ten to twenty minutes. One way to begin the self-hypnosis session is to take three deep breaths and hold each one.

Breath One. Inhale slowly, hold the breath for a short while and then exhale, begin relaxing.

Breath Two. Inhale slowly, hold the breath until you feel a bit of discomfort and a desire to breath in. Exhale, feel the relief.

Breath Three. As you inhale, feel your shoulders rise up. Hold that breath and think of your shoulders releasing. Exhale and feel your shoulders sliding down into place, relaxing deeply.

You can take a moment to feel your shoulders relaxing more deeply. Let any worries or tension slide off your shoulders and be aware of the nice, drifty feeling that comes over you as you enter a deeper state of self-hypnosis.

Now let the change you want to make float into your mind. See and hear the words. Next imagine the change you want. See the Dynamic Image change. Feel the change in the Dynamic Image.

After a while let the dynamic image sink deeper down into your awareness. Let the deeper parts of your mind take over and make that change inside.
When you have completed the session, let yourself come back to the room. Any time that you need to come out of self-hypnosis, all you have to do is take a deep breath and say “Back” to yourself to return your awareness to the room.

Self-hypnosis is a powerful tool for making changes in your life from eliminating fears like public speaking and awakening your creativity to healing your body and improving athletic performance.

Dr. Lee Overholser, PhD

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